Stellar Moon

Stellar Moon is the original project of First Nation's woman, Monique Le Lievre. 

Lover & teacher of the Moon, curious about how people tick & grounded in ancient spiritual and cultural wonder, Stellar Moon writes about people and place, connection to culture, country and consciousness. Singing both in English and her great grandmother's tongue 'Nyikina Nganka'. 

...'the first time I sang in language I cried and cried and cried and cried.... there was something so strong on a cellular level, I can't even explain it, but something powerful is released in these words and some sort of healing takes place'... (Monique)

Passionately with powerful presence, she packs a vocal punch on stage in her raw truth telling. Stellar Moon is a rebel, coaxing her audiences come along for the ride, letting go of inhibitions, seeking freedom through empowerment, questioning the status quo and creating their own modern day revolutions. 

Stellar Moon music is diverse like the moon's cycles. She is currently working on her debut album; 'Phases'. Stellar Moon live performances  are a whole journey from heavy sorrow to powerful uprising and sprinkled with light & laughter. Lets go play in the depths & rise unabandoned like a phoenix!

Stellar Moon can appear in duo, trio or full 5-8 piece band depending on the need. She has supported Aussie greats Daryl Braithwaite and The Waifs, is playing at WA's favourite Nannup Music Festival in 2024 following her second tour and album release.